Physics C1602
Physics II: Thermodynamics, Electricity, and Magnetism

Catalog Course Description:
3.5 pts. Prerequisite: PHYS C1601. Corequisite: MATH V1201 or the equivalent. Temperature and heat, gas laws, the first and second laws of thermodynamics, kinetic theory of gases, electric fields, direct currents, magnetic fields, alternating currents, electromagnetic waves. The course is preparatory for advanced work in physics and related fields. Science Requirement: Partial Fulfillment

Course Syllabus:

1.    Introduction, Electric Charge, Coulomb's Law
2.    Coulomb's Law, Electric Field
3.    Electric Field
4.    Gauss' Law
5.    Gauss's law and conductors
6.     Electric Potential & Electric Potential Energy
7.     Electric Potential and Equipotential Surfaces
8.     Capacitance
9.     Capacitors and Dielectrics
10.   Currents in Materials, Kirchoff's Rules
11.   DC Circuits, Introduction to Magnetism
12.   Midterm #1
13.   The Effects of Magnetic Fields
14.    Production and Properties of Magnetic Fields
15.    Faraday's Law
16.    Faraday's Law
17.    Inductance and Inductors
18.    AC Circuits
19.    Maxwell's Equations and Electromagnetic Waves
20.    Maxwell's Equations and Electromagnetic Waves
21.    Midterm #2
22.    Heat Flow and Thermal Systems
23.    Heat Flow and Thermal Systems
24.    Molecules and Gases
25.    Molecules and Gases
26.    The Second Law of Thermodynamics/ Entropy
27.    Finish Entropy/ Special Lecture - The Cosmic Microwave Background
28.    Review Session