Working in San Pedro de Atacama

    the team in San Pedro
    Mark, Ted, Amber, Lyman, Tom, and Jason outside the cabana where we worked and lived in San Pedro at the Casa de Don Tomas
    The site
    Angel,  Mark , Don Tomas, Amber, and Tom Herbig on the veranda

    Tom, Don Tomas, Amber, and Mark in San  Pedro

    Visiting ALMA types in  San Pedro

    A cat we adopted had kittens and they were everywhere! Randy on the left cuddles with three of them...

    We kept finding two of them hiding in the box of data tapes...

    This one thinks he is a Hell's Angel.

    Jason and Mark on the telescope
    Lyman, Amber, and Mark getting the telescope ready to go up the mountain

    The dangerous job of taking the cryostat out of the telescope and into the cabana for repairs
    dinner with Don Tomas
    At one of Don Tomas's famous dinner parties

    Working in the cabana which served as house, lab, and control room for the telescope operating on the mountain. The cryostat is in the center of the photo. Computers are off the photo to the left.

    Our roll of bubble wrap was one of their favorite places to play

    At the Adobo Grill - the restaurant where we ate most nights saying goodbye to our friends in our last night in San Pedro...