The Telescope on Cerro Toco

    Bringing the telescope up to the site

    Amber and Mark on the telescope
    Mark  and Amberr in front of the telescope on Cerro Toco.

    The site
    The telescope and our truck in front of the abandoned sulpher mining building on which we build our windbreak. Winds at the base of Cerro Toco can reach speeds of 50 miles/hour or more.
    Copec delivering the diesel that we needed to run the generator
    the road to the site
    The road down from the site. The volcano, Licancbur is in the background. Legend has it that the when the Spaniards invaded this region, the Incas made a pilgrimage up this volcano and hid their treasure in the lake formed by the crater at the top

    Jason and Mark on the telescope
    Jason and Mark standing in front of
    the telescope at the TOCO site

    the generator at the site
    Working on the generator at the site. All power to telescope was supplied by this 50 kW generator