MAT (Mobile Anisotropy Telescope)

Primary Goal : The MAT experiment was a ground based CMB telescope designed to map anisotropy on 0.2 - 1 degree scales and to measure the angular power spectrum covering the range 50 < l < 400.


  • Two 40 GHz HEMT detectors at resolution of 0.9 degrees   (one in each polarization)
  • Four 30 GHz HEMT detectors at resolution of 0.6 degrees (two in each polarization)
  • Two 144 GHz SIS detectors at a resolution of 0.2 degrees (one in each polarization)
Optics: Five cooled corrugated feeds under-illuminate a fixed off-axis parabolic mirror of 0.85m diameter. The mirror in turn under-illuminates a large chopping flat (chopper). The chopper is closest to the sky so that the illumination on the parabola is stationary.

Site:  Cerro Toco mountain located in the Northern Atacama Desert in Chile at 17,000 ft (5200 m).

Sky Coverage: approximately 600 square degrees

Example HR

The Team
Lyman Page
Mark Devlin
Tom Herbig
Amber Miller
Randy Dorwart
Jason Puchalla
Eric Torbet
Mike Nolta
Huan Tran
Rob Caldwell
Photo Galleries

Cerro Toco  The Telescope on Cerro Toco

  Working at Casa de Don Tomas in San Pedro de Atacama

  In and around San Pedro

valparaiso  Elsewhere in Chile

Princeton MAT site
Penn MAT site